Justices of the Supreme Court

Wallin, Kress, Reisman & Kranitz

Wallin, Kress, Reisman and Kranitz LLP has ceased operations as of January 1, 2020. The members of the firm have joined the municipal law firm "Jones & Mayer" as "Of Counsel" as well as continuing to practice law in our individual capacities.

Wallin, Kress, Reisman and Kranitz, LLP was a small, high quality law firm located in Southern California, specializing in municipal, redevelopment, land use, CEQA and real property law. In our representation of cities, redevelopment agencies, school districts and other public entities, we served as city attorney, general counsel, special counsel, and city prosecutor. We advised and provided litigation representation where appropriate, regarding land use planning, environmental, civil rights, personnel, public works, landlord-tenant, eminent domain, real property and contract matters, and have negotiated and drafted complex land acquisition, business relocation and residential, commercial and industrial development agreements. Please visit Jones & Mayer's website or contact us individually.

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The first justices of the United States Supreme Court:
Roger B. Taney, Oliver Ellsworth, John Marshall, John Jay, and John Rutledge
From the U.S. Senate Art Collection